Now enrolling all ages 15 months thru Prekinder!


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Children Ages Three Turning Four

In the preschool development program, the children continue to work on appropriate social behaviors, language development that includes dictation stories, and their fine motor skills. While in learning centers, they engage in cooperative play that allows them to problem-solve and to learn at their own pace. At this age, children are very ready to work on more defined educational skills as part of their curriculum that includes reading and math readiness, social studies, science, and cooking activities. They are able to take instruction in a group setting, but we continue to provide many one-on-one activities with a teacher. During the summer, we focus on gross motor activities that include nature walks, an optional two week swim experience, music & movement, and a variety of arts & crafts.

At Suburban School we believe in a “hands-on” approach. Children learn and retain material better when they are allowed to manipulate and experiment with nature and their environment.

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