Now enrolling all ages 15 months thru Prekinder!


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Eighteen Months Old

In our Jumpers classes, the children are not only learning about themselves, but what it means to be in a social environment.  Eighteen month olds are growing and changing rapidly and little ones this age are becoming much more mobile. They need physical activities to enhance their motor development.  Music and story time helps to facilitate their language development and listening skills. Arts and crafts are varied; they have fun finger painting, creating collages, and learning how to use a paint brush.  They love taking walks and exploring nature.  All these very important elements are incorporated into their daily schedule along with many other enjoyable experiences at Suburban. 

If this is your child’s first experience being in a group setting, please find comfort in the fact that the teachers help them to learn to respect each other’s boundaries.  We believe routine and consistency provides a comforting atmosphere.

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