Now enrolling all ages 15 months thru Prekinder!


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Children Ages Five Turning Six

The Suburban Kindergarten meets and exceeds the essential elements of the public school and a much lower teacher-child ratio is met. It is a very enriched and challenging curriculum. Our program has turned out excellent students that are very successful in first grade, both public and private. Plans for each day include child-directed learning as well as teacher-directed activities. Feedback is an important element of our program. In September, we invite you to attend our Parents Afternoon to give you a hands-on understanding of what your child will be experiencing and explain the system we use to keep you informed regarding your child's progress.

While in our Kindergarten program your child will be involved in: Creative Writing, Reading which includes Phonics and Whole Language Activities, Math skills such as addition, subtraction, time, money, graphing, etc., Computers, Hands-on Science and Cooking Activities, Dramatics, Music & Movement, Arts & Crafts, Social Studies, and Cultural Traditions. Learning centers are more sophisticated and continue to develop independent learning and exploration. The curriculum incorporates expanded social studies and science themes that include Our Solar System, Our Earth, Dinosaurs of Texas, Texas Our State, Famous Inventors and Composers; and throughout the year the class is introduced to the history of the United States. We also encourage parents to come into the classroom to share their profession or cultural heritage with the group.

The Kinder class is the only Suburban class that participates in field trips. These educational trips enhance learning and correspond with curriculum themes. Some of our travels include: Institute of Texan Cultures, the Alamo, San Antonio Zoo, Scobee Planetarium, Central Library, and the San Antonio Livestock Show. The class also visits the New Braunfels Children’s Museum, the Witte Museum and they shop for our Thanksgiving Feast at H.E.B. Our school bus meets federal standards and is equipped with seat belts and a first aid kit. Parents are welcome to join us. Outdoor experiences and gross motor development continues to be a very important component of our program. This is vital to proper brain development and improves fine motor skills. The class utilizes our large outdoor environment on a daily basis, weather permitting. This includes the soccer field, wooded play areas, gardening and nature in general. We strive to provide a secure and unique environment that gives your child more time to grow and mature both socially and academically, while teaching them to be independent and responsible. A positive self-image, creativity and problem-solving are encouraged throughout the day in a relaxed, yet stimulating environment.

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