Now enrolling all ages 15 months thru Prekinder!


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Children Ages Two Turning Three

The children in our Beginners classes are learning and developing new skills on a daily basis. Our primary mission is to expand your child’s development to its full potential and to help them develop a love of learning. Once your child learns the routine and the expectations, they do very well and enjoy being a part of a caring community. Although sharing is a difficult concept for them at this age, Our Staff assist this process by spending lots of time mentoring your child to make good choices and understanding what it means to be a friend. As the children develop more social skills, it is very rewarding to see them progress from parallel type play to more cooperative play.

Children are like little sponges and enjoy learning activities and developing new skills that include hands-on experiences, social studies, language development, and activities that promote gross motor skills. All this, while having lots of fun!

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