Now enrolling all ages 15 months thru Prekinder!


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Children Ages Four Turning Five

This is one of the most exciting and important years for your child in terms of growth and development both socially and academically. While we still continue to stress the importance of play and gross motor development your child will be involved in an enriched curriculum that includes more structured academics. Activities and experiences will occur in a group setting as well as one-to-one with their teacher. In addition, child-directed learning centers remain vital to your child’s ability to explore concepts and to become an independent learner. During this year we include the use of computers.

In reading we continue to work on letter sounds, recognition and formation, both upper and lower case, together with the introduction to sight words, and simple sentence structure. We spend time on rhyming skills, dictation stories, and story sequencing. Some of the math concepts include matching, sorting, graphing, simple addition, and subtraction with manipulatives. In science they will learn to solve their hypothesis or idea. The classes will discuss animals and their habitats and several life cycles. Social studies become more relevant as the children show added interest and understanding about the world around them, and the people who have made a difference in our society. They also enjoy learning about other cultures.

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